Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface now available for pre-order


For those eagerly waiting to purchase a new Microsoft Surface, your wait in nearly over. Microsoft and Samsung are now announcing that the new Samsung SUR40 is now available for pre-orders through Samsung resellers in 23 different countries.

“Today we are excited to announce that the next generation of Surface, the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface, is now available for pre-order through Samsung resellers in 23 countries worldwide, including the United States,” Microsoft states in an official blog post.

Microsoft indicates that certain industries will be able to take advantage of the new Surface including the automotive, education, finance, healthcare, hospitality, and retail industries.

Samsung SUR40’s PixelSense technology is a newer and sleeker form factor with horizontal and vertical orientation options. “Many new and existing customers, such as Aéroports de Paris, Dassault Aviation, Fujifilm Corp. and Royal Bank of Canada, have big plans for the Samsung SUR40 and are preparing to deploy units in locations early next year,” Microsoft adds.

Here is Microsoft’s explanation on the new features in the Samsung SUR40 (Microsoft Surface 2.0):

  • Slim device. The new hardware is 4 inches thin.
  • A richer visual experience. With the rich color saturation from a full HD display and a larger screen, Surface offers a compelling, immersive visual experience that draws people in.
  • A vision-based touch experience. With PixelSense, Microsoft Surface sees and responds to touch and real world objects.
  • Touch-enabled from start to finish. With Windows 7 and Surface, there is no need for a keyboard and mouse for setup and configuration.
  • New Quick Controls. Venue staff can adjust basic settings like volume, brightness, and input source.
  • More customization options. An improved configuration utility means you can quickly make changes to background images, configure applications, and modify settings without getting into code.
  • Easier remote administration. Windows PowerShell scripts are easy to use and create, so Surface can be deployed in an enterprise setting.
  • Streamlined development for touch. The Microsoft Surface platform makes development easier with applications for Windows 7 that run on Windows Touch devices and with enhanced capabilities on the Samsung SUR40 for Microsoft Surface.

Unlike the first Surface, Surface 2.0 has a lot more “leg room.” In the original Surface, the body housed the internal components including the necessary projectors and cameras to make things work. With the new Surface, Microsoft is using new technology called “PixelSense” that utilizes a sensor to see whats touching the screen as opposed to using a bulky projector and camera.

According to Microsoft and Samsung, the retail price for the Samsung SUR40 will be about $8,400 and will be available in 23 countries via Samsung resellers.