These six students innovated and inspired with Windows 10

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft has always been about giving everybody opportunities to fulfill their aspirations and inspire others, and in their latest blog post, they’ve given us just six solid examples of them doing just that. The post highlights students who were doing amazing things enabled my Microsoft, ranging from eleven-year-old CEOs to musical geniuses making their way in the world.

All of the students use several aspects Windows 10 to achieve more in their respective pursuits, and four of them tell their stories in the video above. The achievements of each of them are amazing, to say the least, especially given their age – something that many people might find to be a disqualifying factor.

Mikaila Ulmer, the eleven-year-old founder and CEO of Me & the Bees, is making the world a better place by expanding the classic lemonade stand to a proper business with the goal of saving a dwindling bee population. Micah Kim is sending a Windows 10 IoT device out to the International Space Station to test how different metals react. Belen Guede is bringing robots to local libraries in Chile to help other people learn computer science. These are just a few of the student projects that are showcased in the blog post, and all of them are just as inspiring.

The creativity and ambition of these students are amazing, and it’s good to know that true talent and intelligence is being rewarded and enabled by Microsoft’s drive to help people do more. We hope to see all of these students go on to achieve more, and know that the world is going to be a better place because of their efforts. As time goes on, there’s no doubt that we’ll see Microsoft continue to offer more opportunities to inspired individuals.