Mobile DJ software edjing goes pro with more mixing features for Windows 10

Kit McDonald

DJ application edjing helps professionals mix their favorite music

The revolutionary digital music DJ application is celebrating it’s first Pro version release on the Universal Windows Platform. Edjing has been critically acclaimed by media and has over 30 million users worldwide that use the app. After its initial release a year ago, edjing Pro has evolved from just iOS and Android to include Windows support as well. It includes all the same features of the other platform’s pro-versions such as:

  • Sober and Ergonomic Interface created by and for professional DJs
  • Smart Music Library that can access local music files and prepares DJ sets in advance
  • Powerful Sound processing system with low audio latency, perfect beatmatching, and automatic track synchronizations between songs
  • Features of a professional DJ controller including two broadcast channels, pre-cueing, four editable Hot Cue per channel, Automix Mode, Freeze feature, and recording to .wav file format
  • Mixfader (the first wireless crossfader) compatibility

With these capabilities, pro DJs won’t be needing bulky controllers anymore. All they need is a beat and a smartphone to get the music pumping! edjing Pro can be downloaded from the windows store for only $4.99 USD.

edjing PRO - Music DJ mixer
edjing PRO - Music DJ mixer
Developer: MWM SAS
Price: $4.99