Six new titles are now Xbox One backward compatible, including XCOM: Enemy Unkown, Hexic 2, and Magic 2012

Michael Cottuli

Backward Compatibility continues to add on more games to its library, offering people who have stayed with Xbox since its last generation a chance to revisit some of their favorite titles. Recently, Major Nelson tweeted out the addition of 6 new titles from both retail and the Xbox Live Arcade that are now available on Xbox One through Backward Compatibility, and they’re pretty solid additions to an already impressive roster.

The new games are Magic 2012, Unbound Saga, Domino Master, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Hexic 2, and Duck Tales: Remastered. The new games are adding in a varied selection of genres to people who are using Backward Compatibility, primarily catering to the needs of strategy-minded players, but offering some more simple fun to people with Unbound Saga and Duck Tales: Remastered.

Magic  2012 is something of a watered down version of its card game counterpart and serves as a nice introduction to the series to people who have been wanting to try Magic: The Gathering. XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an incredibly good strategy/action game, and was critically acclaimed and extremely beloved by its community, serving as a highly welcome addition to the Backwards Compatible library. Hexic 2 and Domino Master are both casual games, with Domino Master being a digital interpretation of Dominoes, and Hexic 2 just being a fun puzzle game.

If you had any of these games back during an era of Xbox’s past, it’s time to brush the dust off of them and check them out on your Xbox One. They’re all fun games in their own right, and if you’re hurting for new games to try out, or just want to take a trip down memory lane, you’ll be happy with what Microsoft has brought to the table here.