Catch the Halo Championship Series Summer 2016 Season starting June 2 on Twitch

Kit McDonald

Weeks of blood, sweat, and tears have led fourteen dedicated Halo teams to the penultimate showdown at the Halo Championship Series Pro League! The Summer 2016 Season will kickstart on June 2 with only a week to prepare. North America and EU will be competing regionally for glory and a $250,000-per-season prize pool.

It’s been a grueling competition, but now that the Last Chance Qualifiers have finished over this last weekend, the roster is set with a total of eight North American teams and 6 European teams making their way into the Summer 2016 Season. Teams will play three matches each per game, battling their opponents at least twice throughout the season. Some will compete in the HCS Finals while others will slip back into the Open Circuit, making way for new teams to claim their stakes in the tournament for Fall 2016.

EU Tournament

  • XMEN: Jimbo, Snipedrone, TuFoxy, Chalkie
  • ONLINE WARRIORS: Respectful, Mose, Snakey, Kimbo
  • Deception: Batchford, Phlux, Warlord, Doodle
  • Pulse Gaming: CxLii, KrYsTaLx, SLG, Solar
  • Dinosaurs: BUK 20, BUK 57, Flamez, Qristola
  • Realist Tins: Ramirez, Lunny, Riotz, Speed

Only four teams will progress into the Finals and guarantee their spot in the Fall 2016 Season. 5th and 6th places will be placed into the Open Circuit.

Halo Championship Series 2016 EU
EU Week 1 Schedule

NA Tournament

  • Counter Logic Gaming: Snakebite, Royal 2, Frosty, Lethul
  • Evil Geniuses: Roy, Lunchbox, Snip3down, Suspector
  • Team EnVyUs: iGotUrPistola, Rayne, Mikwen, El Town
  • Enigma6: Huke, bubu dubu, Cratos, Shooter
  • Team Allegiance: Predevonator, Contra, Ryanoob, Goofy
  • Renegades: Ninja, Victory X, Commonly, Penguin
  • Team Liquid: Eco, Assault, Spartan, Stellur
  • OpTic Gaming: MaNiaC, Str8 Sick, Naded, ACE

The top 4 advance to the Summer 2016 Finals. The 5th and 6th place teams will reserve their spot for Fall 2016 Season but the lower places will return to the Open Circuit.

Halo Championship Series 2016 NA
NA Week 1 Schedule

The competition is fierce and the prize isn’t something to be taken lightly for these professional gamers. Come June 2nd, fans will be on the edge of their seats watching the best Halo teams worldwide battle it out. After all the flags are captured and the strongholds secured, which team will be found at the top of the hill?

You can watch the teams go head to head LIVE on