Should you buy an Xbox One X even with a 1080p TV? Reddit user compiles a list of benefits

Kareem Anderson

There has been a lot of discussion on whether or not Microsoft’s latest gaming efforts offer a reasonable “wow” factor compared to its price. Some critics have pointed out that the new Xbox One X console is a nice addition to the gaming sphere but not a necessity as it seemingly only offers minimal improvements to the gaming experience over the Xbox One S.

Based on the showing at this years E3 gaming convention which Microsoft spent so much time showcasing games, the company may have lost sight of explaining the full breadth of features that accompany the Xbox One X.

Fortunately, some fans have taken upon themselves to help educate their peers about all that the Xbox One X is offering, such as Redittor nbagamer and his compilation of Benefits Of The One X For 1080p TV Owners.

Nbagamer’s list highlights a few reasons games who may not fully experience all the 4K glory of the Xbox One X, may still consider buying the new console.

  • Faster load times. The One X HDD is 50% faster than the One S. And the extra 4GB of RAM with the much higher bandwidth, can speed up the loading of assets etc)
  • Hardware inside the One X provides Anisotropic Filtering (AF) to existing games (makes textures a little clearer). Albert Penello mentions this in an interview with The Know
  • Existing XB1 games which have dynamic resolution and / or dynamic frame rate will look best and perform best on a One X
  • Super sampling is enabled by default on games which target 4k. This means that a 4k game playing on a 1080p TV, will have a better image quality than a native 1080p game on the same TV.
  • Further visual benefits would include higher quality textures which can be seen further into the distance, longer draw distances for the geometry, and extra effects. This is dependent on what the developer does with their game

Nbagamer invited others to chip in their knowledge of the Xbox One X benefits perhaps not highlighted by Microsoft during E3 2017. However, most comments in the thread have centered around the benefits of 4K TV’s and gaming outside of the Xbox while also dismissing the naysaying about lack thereof. The overall sentiment seems to be that getting the Xbox One X while still on a 1080p TV panel is still a good idea because of all the other improvements the hardware is bringing to the table.

There is little doubt the Xbox One X will have an up hill battle in not only gaining mindshare but developer support being the spiritual cousin to the second qualifier, at best, in the Xbox One. Hopefully, the gaming shift that Microsoft is banking on with the Xbox One X happens sooner rather than later.

Let us know of the features you’re most intrigued by that head of Xbox Phil Spencer did and did not discuss at E3 2017.