Microsoft to perform scheduled maintenance June 20th, will impact Xbox 360 titles and services

Arif Bacchus

Xbox One

Microsoft has announced that they will be performing scheduled maintenance which will impact Xbox 360 titles and services this Tuesday June 20th between 8:00AM UTC and 10:00AM UTC(4:00AM ET and 6:00AM ET.) While Xbox 360 backward compatible titles on Xbox One will be impacted by this maintenance, Xbox One titles and services will not be affected, and will remain the same throughout.

According to Microsoft, if you’re playing an Xbox 360 game during this maintenance period, you might end up getting disconnected from Xbox Live more than a few times. Those who are worried about this maintenance period are urged to check the Xbox Live service status message page, tweet @XboxSupport, or create a a “Support” post in the Xbox forums.

Since original Xbox games will soon be joining the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program, these types of maintenance periods will only help Microsoft make Xbox Live a better place for all. As always, we invite you to drop us a comment below to let us know your thoughts on this latest bit of news.