Sea of Thieves marks 1 million Pirate Legends milestone with Legends Week celebration from April 4-11

Robert Collins

There are officially 1 million Pirate Legends sailing the Sea of Thieves as of today, according to John Neate, Executive Producer at Rare. What exactly is a Pirate Legend (and more importantly, how do I become one), you may ask?

Pirate Legends are those seasoned swashbucklers who have reached rank 50 with at least 3 of the games Trading Companies – The Sea Dogs, The Bilge Rats, The Reaper’s Bones, The Gold Hoarders, etc. To do this requires a breadth of pirating skills, from sinking other players’ ships to hunting for treasure to becoming a master fisherman.

The title of Pirate Legend comes with perks like access to the Pirate Legends Hideout and the legends-only Trading Company Athena’s Fortune, with exclusive legendary-caliber bounty and Voyages.

Rare will be celebrating the 1 million Pirate Legends milestone with a special Legends Week event from April 4 through April 11. The event will feature something special for each day that it runs. For example, on April 5 a bounty of fascinating game stats will be made viewable on the Sea of Thieves official site. On the 6th, Youtuber HitboTC will kick off his quest to go from swabbie to Legend in the first episode of a seven-part video series on his Youtube channel.

Sea of Thieves


The fun won’t stop there. For the 7th, an exclusive video preview of the upcoming Legend of the Veil Voyage will viewable on Sea of Thieves official Youtube channel. And a bounty of in-game perks and bonuses will be on offer later in the week, such as login rewards for those with Pirate Legend status as well as a Gold and Glory reward multiplier on the 10th for all players. Also, there will be a special weekend sale at the game’s Pirate Emporium. And there will also be other bonuses available for players throughout the event.

Originally released in March of 2018, Sea of Thieves is a nautical-themed, open world action-adventure game that has reached over 25 million players. The game is available on Xbox and PC (Windows 10) Game Pass.