Here are the games leaving Game Pass in April (that we know of so far)

Robert Collins

Destiny 2 video game on Xbox One and Xbox Series X

It looks like several titles will be leaving the Game Pass service in April, including one very high-profile entry.

According to the official Xbox website’s Leaving Soon page, four games will be leaving the Xbox version of Game Pass over the next two weeks. Game Pass subscribers who wish to keep playing these titles can purchase them at a 20% discount before they leave the service.

Four games will also be leaving PC Game Pass. The most notable departure set for April is Destiny 2. The acclaimed massively multiplayer online shooter from Bungie is no doubt the most high-profile game scheduled to leave, but it should be noted that it is only being removed from the PC version of Game Pass.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light video game content on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.
Destiny 2 will only be leaving the PC version of Game Pass.

Other games set to leave Game Pass in April include The Long Dark and Rain on Your Parade, each of which are leaving both Xbox and PC Game Pass, as well as MLB: The Show 21. In the case of the latter, it will be leaving to make way for its successor MLB: The Show 22, a fact which softens the blow considerably.

Here is the full list of games (at least those that are currently known) leaving Game Pass in April.

  • The Long Dark (Xbox and PC Game Pass)
  • Rain on Your Parade (Xbox and PC Game Pass)
  • MLB: The Show 21 (Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S)
  • Pathway (PC Game Pass)
  • Destiny 2 (PC Game Pass)

The Game Pass service routinely removes games each month as new ones are added. The games are still available for purchase, however, even after they leave the service.