Satya Nadella claims that Windows Phone is "absolutely" here to stay in interview with ABC

Sean Cameron

Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella’s first year as CEO of Microsoft has been one of highs and lows. Given the difficult task of managing an enormous firm through its most difficult period in recent memory, Nadella has made a positive impact in the short time he has so far been given.

Whether Windows Phone fans feel the same however is a difficult question to answer. As the platform faces perhaps its darkest moments yet, official support from the top brass at Redmond seems thin on the ground. While more and more official Microsoft apps are being developed for rival operating systems, it can occasionally seem as though Windows Phone has been left in the dark.

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In a recent interview with ABC News however, when posed with the question, “is the Windows Phone here to stay?”, Nadella clarified “absolutely” without missing a beat. The interview also covered topics close to the CEO’s heart: cricket, cooking and the challenges of running Microsoft. Nadella also stated during the interview that he couldn’t live without Microsoft Office, something which goes to show the continuing importance of this particular product range to Redmond’s revenue-boosting strategy as it makes more and more of its core services free to the end user.

When asked whether there would be a ‘Microsoft Watch’, Nadella was quick to point out the virtues of the Microsoft Band, released in 2014, neither confirming or denying the existence of any ‘watch. 

What this means for the platform is as of this moment unknown, but with Windows 10 on the horizon, expect Windows Phone to continue playing a supporting role rather than front of house, though given recent developments, such as a rumored Snapdragon 810 touting Lumia, this may not hold water for long.

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