Microsoft working 'frantically' to resolve Lumia 535 touch-screen issues

Sean Cameron

Lumia 535

The Lumia 535, a device which we considered to be excellent for the price, has suffered from a number of quality control issues since its initial release earlier in 2014. 

Many users began complaining of considerable problems with the touch-screen, with some finding their device nigh-on unusable despite it being box-fresh. Microsoft was, and is, aware of this, pushing out a major patch for the phone on December 23rd 2014, solving most of these issues.

However, the problem yet persists for a few unfortunate souls, and according to a message received by Windows Central, Microsoft is working ‘frantically’ to resolve it. The problem as described involved difficulties with:

“- Functionality of the scroll up/down and swipe left/right functions.
– Scrolling up/down or swiping left/right can result in an app or link being activated unintentionally.
– Functionality of the zoom in/out feature can be compromised if the user’s fingers are less than 20 mm apart.
– Text editing, particularly at speed, can result in characters being missed.
-‘Ghost touch’ – use of the touchscreen in wet/moist conditions.
– If the user’s fingers are wet or the atmosphere is damp (i.e. entering a warm room from cold outdoors) buttons on the touchscreen can be activated unintentionally.”

The post then went on to clarify:

“For the time being, we can only recommend that you use the troubleshooting provided whilst we work to ensure that the situation is properly solved, and that you accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused.”

Though it will no doubt be of some comfort to 535 owners that this issue is a priority for Redmond, that it has remained such a pressing concern for so long raises questions regarding manufacturing that hopefully will not have to be asked regarding future devices.

Have you experienced touch-screen issues on your Lumia 535? Let us know in the comments below.