Rumor: Windows 10 Mobile release may be delayed until ‘late February’



For those of you eagerly waiting for Windows 10 Mobile to roll out to your older Lumia device, you may have to wait a tad bit longer. According to a tweet by French phone carrier Bouygues Telecom’s social media team, the update will not be released until the end of February. This tweet comes just a week after the same carrier said the update would be released this week.

It is unclear if the carrier is simply waiting for the update to pass through their approval process before reaching older Lumia phones or if Microsoft has delayed the update from reaching the carrier until late February. It is also unclear if this delay only applies to the French carrier, or all phone carriers that carry Windows Phone devices.

This of course does not apply to the Lumia 550, Lumia 950, and Lumia 950 XL, which already comes with Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Mobile operating system. If you cant wait for the official roll out of the update, join the Windows Insider program (if your phone is eligible) and snag the latest build now!

We’ve classified this post as a rumor, because let’s face it, sometimes members of a social media team might jump the gun and divulge information that isn’t always accurate. We’ll keep an eye on this and update you with any breaking information on the release of Windows 10 Mobile. Stay tuned.

Thanks for sending this in, Sean and Matias!