This app fell victim to Project Astoria’s sudden suspension

Kareem Anderson

Even though the highly detailed weight loss client Lose It! Supports the Microsoft Band 2, an official Windows 10 Mobile app has yet to surface. According to the company’s Twitter account, Windows 10 Mobile fans may be waiting a bit longer to access their dietary information from their phones.

Apparently at the behest of Microsoft, Lose It! app developers began using the controversial Android to Windows 10 bridge codenamed Project Astoria. Unfortunately, Microsoft put the kibosh on the entire bridge for the time being, resulting in lost time and resources by the Lose It! development team.

The news comes as a bit of a head scratcher to Microsoft observers as the company also announced several other ‘bridges’ that help developers port code from the web, Win32 programs, and iOS. With Microsoft pushing forward with its iOS to Windows 10 bridge codenamed Project Islandwood, it seems a bit of a gaff that the company led Lose It! developers seemingly astray.

Seemingly after untold resources and an unknown length of time, the Lose It! app developers are rightfully not budging on hoping over to iOS porting with Project Islandwood. Right now, it appears that app development is on hold for as long as Microsoft puts Project Astoria on hold, and based on brief comments made by the company mixed with industry speculation, that hold may be indefinite.

Even as Microsoft continues to sell the Microsoft Band 2 with Lose It! integration and support, it’ll be interesting to see how the company addresses this misstep.