From the rumor mill: Surface RT 2.0 will cost up to $299, available in June of this year


Surface Pro

According to a new report, Microsoft is set to announce its next-gen Surface RT tablet this June, for a price tag between $249 and $299. On top of that, the next-gen Surface RT will feature an 8 inch display.

This report comes from Digitimes, who cites unnamed sources, who state that the next gen Surface RT will be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra processor. “Because of the first-generation Surface RT’s weak sales, and fierce competition in the 7- to 8-inch tablet market, most market watchers are conservative about the second-generation Surface tablets’ performance,” the report adds.

Microsoft is also rumored to launch a 10 inch Surface 2.0 tablet during the third quarter of this year. Digitimes adds, “In consideration of clearing inventories of existing 10.6-inch Surface tablets, Microsoft will launch the 10.x-inch, possibly lower than 10.6-inch, Surface at the earliest in the third quarter, the sources indicated.”

Microsoft is apparently expecting an initial monthly shipment of the two new Surface devices to reach one million units. Does this now mean that Microsoft is more optimistic about sales, compared to the Surface RT and Surface Pro?