Leaked Scroogled ad goes after Google Chrome’s ‘Now Everywhere’ feature

Zac Bowden


An internal Scoogled ad from Microsoft has leaked online today, revealing that Microsoft has plans to take a jab at Google Chrome’s ‘Now Everywhere’ feature. The leaked ad is very similar to the official one Google had created for Chrome, but instead of pointing out the highlights of the web browser, it points out the negatives.

The ad talks about how Google watches everything you do on the internet, it states Google sees what you search, who you call or message, what you watch and a lots of other worrying things. Of course, it’s a Scoogled advert. It’s like marmite, you either like it or you don’t.

This is all part of Microsoft’s Scroogled campaign, which aims to discredit Google and its services by claiming that Google shares your information without consent. Check out the leaked video below!