Rudy Huyn’s unofficial Tinder app ‘6tin’ for Windows Phone makes its debut


Rudy Huyn's unofficial Tinder app '6tin' for Windows Phone makes its debut

Rudy Huyn is known in the Windows Phone community as the developer who brought us an unofficial Instagram and Vine app before the official apps were made available. In most cases, the unofficial apps are better maintained and feature-full compared to the official ones.

Not that long ago, talks between Tinder, a matchmaking service, and Rudy had begun after Tinder saw an issue with Rudy’s 6tindr app. The app was pulled and was unavailable for months until now – reappearing as 6tin. Turns out, the talks between the two parties somehow broke down so there will not be an official Tinder app after all. At least not yet.

“6tin is the first full featured Tinder app for Windows Phone (previously named 6tindr) Tinder is the way everyone is meeting new people. We find out who likes you nearby and connect you with them if you’re also interested,” the app description reads.

As usual, Rudy has added a few exclusive features to the Windows Phone app:

  • Review last passed persons to like them if you made a mistake or changed your mind
  • Select  your geolocalization on a map manually without GPS
  • Send messages using voice recognition
  • Be able to save photos of your contacts on your phone
  • Open directly your friend profile from a picture saved on your phone (rich media extensibility)

Hit the download link below to snag the app. It’s free!