Microsoft adds Bing Knowledge Widget feature directly into Bing Webmaster Tools


Microsoft adds Bing Knowledge Widget feature directly into Bing Webmaster Tools

Bing Webmaster Tools is a fantastic resource used by web developers to monitor their site’s listing in the Bing search engine, among other valuable tools that are readily available. Now, Microsoft has integrated a new feature into Webmaster Tools, making the service just a tad bit better.

“By adding the Bing Knowledge Widget feature directly into Webmaster Tools we are making it a lot easier for Webmasters to add Bing Knowledge Widget to their sites and keep users engaged within the context of their pages. With settings stored in the cloud, tuning and customizing Bing Knowledge widget to work best with your site has become even easier. By using the new Interactive only option, you can now benefit from Bing Knowledge without it ever getting in the way of your own content,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft is now empowering every webmaster to use the entity data from the Bing Knowledge repository. The Knowledge Widget, for those that did not know, is a JavaScript-based widget for webmasters that detects and visualizes entities on the webpage and displays rich information about the entity.

“It provides your visitors with quick access to relevant information about the entities on the page, and keeps them engaged, entertained, and informed within the context of your webpage. A visitor to your site need simply hover over the objects you’ve selected in the backend to see the widget come to life along the right-hand side of the screen, showcasing content related to each entity, directly from Bing’s knowledge repository,” Microsoft explained.

If you utilize Bing Webmaster Tools, head over to the VIA link below to read more about this cool feature.