Report: Workers confess using ChatGPT to secretly manage multiple full-time jobs

Priya Walia

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A group of individuals who identify themselves as “over-employed” are utilizing generative AI to undertake multiple full-time jobs simultaneously. This trend highlights the possibility of rapid and unusual automation of jobs in the era of AI chatbots, Vice Reports.

An online marketer disclosed to the publication that ChatGPT played a pivotal role in securing his job this year. “That’s the only reason I got my job this year,” he told the publication. “ChatGPT does like 80 percent of my job if I’m being honest,” adding that he even used the chatbot to submit job applications.

Although the tool may occasionally provide inaccurate results, the employee affirmed that he merely had to make negligible modifications to rectify the text he submitted to his supervisor. Remarkably, he went as far as utilizing ChatGPT to compose replies to Slack messages from his superior.

Another marketing professional claimed that they are now able to produce a blog post in just 45 minutes as a result of utilizing ChatGPT, as opposed to the three hours it would typically take – an astounding achievement.

According to an individual employed in the technology industry interviewed by the publication, ChatGPT has facilitated them in transitioning from two jobs to four, although they speculated that adding a fifth job to their workload might be too much to handle.

In addition, a lecturer at a university admitted to running two businesses on the side and using ChatGPT to complete a significant portion of the required tasks, such as developing business plans, drafting blog posts, and preparing Excel spreadsheets.

There was also testimony from a software engineer, dubbed as “Charles,” who earns $500,000 from two jobs and has a net worth of $3 million. Charles expressed an intention to increase his salary to $800,000 by taking on a third job.

Another employee, who requested anonymity, shared with Vice that they could produce valuable code to fulfill three financial reporting roles simultaneously.

Despite the societal disapproval of holding multiple full-time jobs, these workers believe their actions do not constitute wrongdoing.

“I never could mentally comprehend why it was so taboo for me to work two salaried positions,” an ‘over-employed’ worker told Vice.

The widespread adoption of ChatGPT and similar AI-based products in recent months has raised apprehensions regarding their impact on the global labor market. The primary concern centers on the possibility of several jobs being subject to automation and subsequently replaced by proficient chatbots. Nevertheless, a select group of enterprising and resourceful individuals has turned this scenario to their advantage, leveraging AI technology as an opportunity rather than a threat.

What does this mean for Bing and Copilot?

The recent advancement brings positive implications for Microsoft Bing and Copilot. In particular, Copilot Workspace, designed to simplify work processes, is expected to attract a significant user base upon its release to the general public.

Via New York Post