After 13+ years in Bellevue, the Bing team moves back to Redmond

Kip Kniskern

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Back in 2009, with Microsoft’s campus in Redmond struggling to hold all the new employees, Microsoft began leasing space in downtown Bellevue (about 7 miles from Redmond). But now, with a big new expansion being completed on campus (just in time for a much higher hybrid and work from home workforce), it apparently makes less sense to continue these off campus leases, and so as of today, the Bing Team is back on campus:

Bing has been riding a resurgence of relevency lately with the ChatGPT powered Bing Chat, and could be one of the few teams at Microsoft to expand as layoffs continue to surge industry wide.

Anyway, congrats on getting a seat at the big table, Bing Team, enjoy your new digs!