Redbox would like to give you a new Xbox 360, free month of movies


Microsoft is on the verge of rolling out its brand new Xbox One, just in time for the big holiday shopping season, alleviating your wallet of $500 in the process. However, none of this means the 360 is dead. In fact, the Xbox is becoming more of a living room hub, adding an increasing number of options for entertainment and transforming the product to less of a game-centric console, and for that the 360 still handles the job just fine.

Now Redbox wishes to gift you with one of these consoles, though it’s a 360 as opposed to the new One. The video rental and streaming company announces today “this week we’re giving you the chance to win unlimited escapism in the form of an Xbox 360 (approximate retail value (ARV): $249.99)”.

In order to qualify for this giveaway you need to post a comment on the announcement and there are a few rules for it. First, you need to be entered before October 30th, and the comment must let Redbox know the first video game you ever played, which certainly could lead to some embarrassing “dating” of all of us, but hey, free is free. Aside from just getting a console, Redbox is also promising a free month of movies from its Instant streaming service, including four DVD rentals from your local location.

Redbox Instant is, of course, available on Xbox 360 and will also come with your new One console. Xbox One will be released November 22,  but will not obsolete the 360 which many will certainly continue to utilize in their homes.