Recent patents suggest Microsoft VR gaming headset may be in the works

Robert Collins

Teens and VR hero image

It seems that one area in gaming where Microsoft has been content ignore is VR gaming. Back when the current-gen Xbox Series X|S console line released, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer announced that there would initially be no VR support. He later added that there wasn’t enough interest in the feature to warrant the time and resources it would take for its development.

Nevertheless, it appears as though Microsoft could be working on a VR gaming headset to go up against Sony’s PSVR2 and the Meta Quest 2 headset. This is according to a couple of recently-published patent filings. One of these patents is for an eye-tracking technology that can self-calibrate and adjust to changes in the device’s position and direction.


Another patent is for a “Head-mounted display with eye-tracking system.” This certainly sounds like a VR headset of some kind. Of course, this wouldn’t be Microsoft’s first foray into the VR space, with its HoloLens line of augmented- and mixed-reality devices.

By comparison, Sony has gone all-in on VR, though the results have been less than what the PlayStation maker might have hoped for, with VR gaming slow to pick up traction. Nonetheless another company, Valve, is reportedly looking to take another crack at this arguably niche gaming market with another VR headset.

Of course, these Microsoft patents could be for something else entirely, like perhaps augmented reality-compatible smart glasses, or something of the sort. What are your thoughts on these new patents? If Microsoft eventually releases a VR gaming headset for Xbox Series X|S consoles, would you buy it? Let us know what you think in the comments.