Quantum Break pre-orders from the Xbox Store include free Windows 10 version

Kareem Anderson

Quantum Break

Microsoft is dangling its carrot on a stick a little lower for Quantum Break fans. Perhaps in an effort to bolster its vision for cross-platform gaming, Microsoft in collaboration with Remedy Entertainment announced today that customers who pre-order a digital Xbox One version of the game will also have access to a Windows 10 version as well.


The pre-order details include not only those who purchase directly from the Xbox Store but make a purchase using a Xbox One digital code at retail, or fork over a premium for the Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break bundle including a specialized decorative console. Also, to redeem the Windows 10 version of the game, customers will be given a code through various means once the game is officially launched.

Aside from the token experience of owning the same game on multiple platforms for a single price, there are other benefits of playing Quantum Break on both a PC and console.

So, because we are running Windows 10, you have the benefits of Xbox Live,” said (Remedy’s Communications Director Thomas) Puha. “You have your single profile; you have your Gamerscore; you have Game DVR. What’s really useful, though, is shared saves. So, say you start playing on the Xbox One and you get to Act 2 – you can take a break and then actually continue playing on Windows 10.”

After the Xbox team announced their big news regarding the future of gaming on the Windows platform, it seems Quantum Break alongside a handful of other titles will lead the charge for the company’s goal to merge the separate Microsoft platforms into a single cohesive experience.