Microsoft researcher Wolfram Schulte receives IEEE Computer Society award for research leadership

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In a recent blog post from Microsoft, Wolfram Schulte, director of engineering for Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division, was honored with the IEEE Computer Society 2016 Harlan D. Mills Award. Schulte started his career with Microsoft working in the crucial field of software verification, a process used to verify that a program functions  as intended. Considering the amount of software we use on a daily basis, from casual apps to full-blown Office 2016, this step in functionality is definitely one of the most critical in delivering seamless consumer experiences.

Wolfram Schulte
Wolfram Schulte

Having worked with Microsoft for over two decades, Schulte has contributed to the community of software development with the development of program verifiers, Spec#, VCC and Pex. These programs have been widely used in C# and C environment. In addition, Wolfram formed the Research in Software Engineering group, a group who specializes in the software engineering for Microsoft businesses and Tools for Software Engineers, a team focused on speeding up the development of software.

For Schulte, his career at Microsoft has been fulfilling due to his opportunity to work on difficult problems in computer science and to work alongside the some of the smartest minds. The IEEE Computer Society honors Wolfram Schulte for his contributions in research and leadership in software verification.