Microsoft PowerToys will let you paste without formatting soon

Kevin Okemwa


Microsoft is working towards adding a neat utility to PowerToys dubbed “PastePlain”. While modern browsers like Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome ship with a dedicated shortcut that allows users to copy and paste content without formatting, this much-needed addition will help Windows 11 and Windows 10 users that don’t have access to this capability to achieve the same.

PowerToys already comes with PowerOCR, a feature designed to help users copy text from any image open in Windows. This new addition further builds on this premise, and as highlighted in the project’s pull request on GitHub:

This is heavily based on the work done for the “Text Extractor” module then ripping out anything that may be unnecessary. The same KeyboardMonitor is implemented and used. The interesting logic really falls inside the KeyboardMonitor as that is where the clipboard is opened/read/modified, then a ctrl+v input sequence is injected.

Once PastePlain ships to general availability, it will use the Ctrl + Win + V keyboard shortcut by default. Of course, you can customize it to your preference. At the moment, it’s not yet clear when Microsoft intends to make this release but we will keep tabs on this and keep you posted.

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Microsoft PowerToys
Microsoft PowerToys

via: Neowin