Poll: Will the universal app platform close the app gap?

Sean Michael


We’ve seen the number of upgrades to Windows 10, over 200 million. We’ve heard about bridges, porting, and universal app platforms. We’ve seen the Xbox One jump on board with Windows 10 despite being a relatively separate platform previously. The real question remaining is, will it all matter?

It’s been awhile since we’ve done an app gap poll so it’s time to dust off the old arguments and get your passion ready. This isn’t just a random poll however. We’ve recently had some key devices announced that will run Continuum in ways we’ve never seen, a relative influx of OEM support for Windows 10 Mobile, and have Windows 10 apps waiting in the wings to work on the Xbox One.

While some of this information isn’t new, it is all culminating in a big year for Microsoft. While 2016, or any individual year for that matter, likely isn’t make or break for an operating system, it is a pivotal year for the universal app platform.

Will hundreds of millions of desktop and tablet users actually effect how many apps are developed for phones? Will the media consumption device / gaming console that is the Xbox One having Windows 10 apps convince developers to make media apps that work on all Windows devices? These are the some of the questions surrounding the app gap. They revolve ultimately around the universal app platform convincing companies and developers to make apps.

Let us know your thoughts in this week’s poll as well as in the comments below. We’ll discuss the results in this week’s podcast and you can share your thoughts live on the podcast as well through the comments. You can also see the results for the poll to see where everyone else stands.