Plex launches new Plexamp music player app for Windows and Mac

Laurent Giret

The Plex ecosystem is growing bigger this week with the launch of Plexamp, a new music player app for people interested in using Plex for their music needs (via Windows Central). The app was born as a small inside project inside the company’s new Plex Labs, and it already looks quite promising.

In a blog post, the Plex team described the new app as an “homage to the past” and small music player for your desktop like Winamp. Plex isn’t a traditional music player though as it requires you to set up a music server, which makes your entire music collection accessible from anywhere (it can work offline with server running on your laptop). Moreover, Plexamp doesn’t let you browse you complete music library but it has powerful search and discovery features to let you easily find what you want to play.

Some of the visualizers available with Plexamp.

In addition to a nice collection of visualisazers that can really sublimate the music you’re listening to, the app also leverages new server features to offer artist radio stations, smart transitions and loudness leveling. Plexamp can also be remote controlled and used to remote control other Plex players. You can download Plexamp on the Plex Labs page, the app currently supports Windows 7 or newer and macOS 10.9 or never.