Nominations open for Microsoft’s 2nd annual Windows Developer Awards

Arif Bacchus

Microsoft has just opened up nominations for the second annual Windows Developer Awards. Lasting until March 8th, this is the perfect chance for you to get a Windows developer recognized for their outstanding work and achievements (via Neowin.)

You can currently vote and nominate right now on Microsoft’s Windows Dev Center website, and it is expected for award recipients to receive their accolades on stage at Microsoft’s Build 2018 conference. There are a total of six categories for nominations, and you can learn more by checking below.

  • Application Creator of the Year: Leveraging the latest Windows 10 capabilities: Exploring the latest Windows 10 features and capabilities, the winner of this award pushes the envelope and sets a new bar for what is possible for developing on the Windows 10 platform.
  • Game Creator of the Year: Outstanding Game contribution to the Microsoft Store: The recipient of this award has created a game for which the technical achievements are as compelling as the game mechanics. This award recognizes a Windows developer who publishes an innovative, engaging, and immersive game to the Microsoft Store.
  • Reality Mixer of the Year: Creator demonstrating a unique mixed reality experience: This award celebrates those who choose to mix their own view of the world, blending digital and real-world content in creative ways and demonstrating the potential of the platform.
  • Design Innovator of the Year: Beautiful look and feel:   This award recognizes excellence in design in a published application, or game, that applies Fluent Design System principles to create outstanding interactive aesthetics.
  • Commercial Innovator of the Year: Focused on an enterprise audience:   This award recognizes a development talent focused on creating amazing commercial applications.
  • Ninja Cat of the Year: This award honors a developer that demonstrates leadership as a standout Windows developer and makes significant contributions in the community.

Those voting and nominating should keep in mind that there are certain requirements which must be met for each of these categories. If you’re looking for inspiration, a list of last year’s winners can be found here.