Photos app for Windows 10 updated to replay Living Images, upscale on high-resolution devices

Arif Bacchus

With the days biggest Xbox news already reported on, more general app update news seemingly pales in comparison, but here we are. Today, the Photos app for Windows 10 has gotten a fresh update from Microsoft.

Along with the usual bug fixes, this update brings improvement to the ways in which images are displayed. Living images can now be replayed by pulling slightly left or right on a phone, or clicking the replay button on a PC.  As part of the update, low-resolution photos also can be viewed on a larger scale on high-resolution devices. Also, the update makes printing photos on a PC easier, and now individual photos can be printed using new more detailed print options.

If you’re not already using this app, you can download it by clicking the link below. It is truly a great app to enjoy, organize, edit, and share your digital memories.  Once you have updated or download, comment below and let us know if you notice anything new!

Microsoft Photos
Microsoft Photos
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