Panorama arrives on Windows 10 Mobile with an update for Windows Camera

Kareem Anderson

The development of the Windows camera tech has been a labor of frustration for many users. While the engineering of the camera for Windows 10, more specifically Windows 10 Mobile is presumably a very intricate and detailed affair, the result for users has seemed lackluster for some time.

However, over the past few months, the Windows team has managed to re-engineer the Windows 10 camera to incorporate what used to be 3rd party add-ons creating much more native experiences. First, the addition of living images which used to be a Nokia Lumia branded 3rd party solution that clipped video images into stills, followed by the addition of slow-motion video capture and now Windows 10 Mobile Insiders are being blessed with Panorama as a capture mode.

A little over a week ago, the Windows team teased that it was working on incorporating the wide shot image capturing of Panorama into the Windows 10 camera, but at the time, there were no details on how or when it would be released.

Today, an update to the Windows 10 Camera app came down the pipe with Panorama capture included. Prior to the update, Windows phone users were reliant on a Nokia Lumia technology that appropriated Panorama capture, however, at the beginning of Windows 10 Mobile development, the app was promptly discontinued and removed from the Windows Store. The removal of the Lumia Panorama app forced disheartened Windows phone users to seek out 3rd party options.

With the addition of Panorama to the Windows 10 Camera app, users can now take wide shot captures of cityscapes, sports arenas, excessively large family gatherings and more. The functionality of the app is relatively straightforward and similar to how Panorama works on iOS. Instead of the way the Lumia Panorama app used horizontal positioning to string together images, the new app now uses a vertical scroller.

Changing the positioning of the capture to vertical not only offers a steadier capture but allows for more one-handed control by users, which many may appreciate. Panorama on the Windows 10 Camera app also provides tilting assistance as the user pans across an area to help maintain a leveled image throughout the capture.

Even though the Windows team highlighted the development of the feature, Panorama has seemingly been released to Windows 10 Insiders on the Fast Ring with little fan fair. Perhaps, the more pronounced introduction of the feature will accompany the official release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for both PCs and Mobile device.

Whatever the case, Windows 10 Insiders can head to the Windows Store of follow the link below to update the app and try out Panorama for themselves.

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Windows Camera
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