Microsoft is postponing removal of Azure storage options

Michael Cottuli

Microsoft announced quite a long time ago that they were discontinuing support for deprecated service versions of Azure storage. The switch was supposed to be flipped on these service versions on August 1 – just a few weeks from now – but it seems like Microsoft has had a change of heart. According to a recent blog post, people who are clinging to these deprecated service versions are still going to have some time before they need to upgrade to something more recent.

Based on customer feedback, we are now extending the service availability and have decided to postpone the removal of deprecated service versions (versions 2009-07-17 and earlier) to provide more time for customers to upgrade.

The rest of the blog post goes over how you can check what service version you’re using, along with a few other helpful tips on how you can stay up to date. If you’ve had any problem updating to a more relevant version of Azure storage, you can check out the article in order to smoothly get yourself set up.

Here are the basics they list off if you find that your service version is out of date:

  1. Change the version specified in the request. If you are using client libraries, you can accomplish this by migrating to a later version of the libraries/tools. When possible, migrate to the latest version to get the most improvements and fixes.
  2. Set the default service version to the latest version so that the behavior can be verified. This only applies to anonymous requests with no explicit version.

When Microsoft finally decides they’re going to be kill these deprecated service versions, they plan to give users a full 12 months warning ahead of time. Be sure to keep an eye out!