Outlook for iOS and Android add shared and delegated calendars support, Meetup integration

Laurent Giret

The Outlook team announced today a big update for Outlook for iOS and Android, which brings several highly requested calendar features from users. First of all, both apps now let you create recurrent events, see your coworker’s availability when scheduling meetings as well as RSVP to events (including recurring ones). Outlook for iOS also includes more options to manage your events, such as adding a message when responding to a meeting invite or setting an event as private (these features are coming soon to Android).

Also coming today is support for shared and delegated calendars: the app now lets you sync and edit any shared calendars from Office 365 and Outlook.com accounts, which will work just like your own calendars. Moreover, you’ll also be able to share your own calendars right from your phone, as well as manage sharing invitations you’ll receive.

shared and delegated calendars

If you don’t see your shared or delegated calendars in Outlook for iOS and Android right now, that’s because Microsoft has just started to upgrade existing shared calendars to make them sync with the mobile apps. In the meantime, you can use the following workaround:

If you just can’t wait and want the new experience immediately, simply re-accept the sharing or delegate invitation from Outlook on iOS or Android. Once you do this, your shared calendar will appear. If you cannot find the original calendar sharing invitation, ask the calendar owner to re-share and accept the new invite from Outlook.

Lastly, Meetup, a service that facilitates offline group meetings is now available as a calendar app in Outlook for iOS and Android. After syncing your Meetup account in the app, you’ll see all your upcoming Meetups right on your calendar.

Slowly but surely, Outlook for iOS and Android is becoming more feature complete and it’s definitely a great companion to the desktop app. The new search experience, which is currently available for Office Insiders should also roll out soon to iOS and Android users.