New proof of concept app shows how HoloLens can help police forces at crime scenes

Arif Bacchus

We’ve already seen concepts of Microsoft’s HoloLens headset being used for some cool things like for creating fairy tales, helping passengers on airplanes, or keeping soldiers safe on the battlefield, but one agency has come up with a new ground-breaking app for HoloLens. Indeed, Black Marble, a member of Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Partner Program, designed an award-winning application that can transform modern policing by helping authorities at crime scenes.

The app, tuServ, is a proof of concept solution that gives police forces the ability to capture elements of a crime scene in real time. Designed by operational police offers, the app helps to eliminate evidence contamination by placing virtual markers, tracing 3D objects, and gathering multi-media evidence. Overall, the app can be used to transform crime scene data into visuals, giving investigators accurate and tangible evidence, and virtually transporting officers back to the scene of a crime.

Officers who are not on the field will also be able to view captured media in real time via the tuServ HoloLens Command and Control App. Thanks to this app, officers can collaborate on the data and communicate with each other, ensuring an effective use of police resources and improved data quality. Nick Lyall, Superintendent, The Bedfordshire Police explained why the proof of concept app could be very valuable:

“As a public order and firearms commander, I can say that without doubt its use, through tuServ, will revolutionize policing for years to come. As a detective, I can also say that its ability to scan crime scenes and create a mapped 3D version will allow for a reduction in cross-contamination issues and allow for investigators to visualize in real time the scenes of major crime.”

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