Organize your daily life with Wunderlist 3.0 Beta for Windows Phone, now available for download


Wunderlist 3.0 Beta for Windows Phone now available for download

The official Wunderlist app is now available for Windows Phone, and is available as a Beta. Wunderlist features lightning-fast real-time Sync, a beautiful new design, and more than 60 improvements. Wunderlist, for those that did not know, is a popular list-making app.

The app, which is already available on rival platforms, features a beautiful and fast interface. “We’ve designed a beautiful new interface to make every interaction more fluid and intuitive than ever before. In fact, the new interface is the combined result of our design and engineering teams relentlessly improving every button, flow and animation. Each of the new apps has been fine-tuned for ultimate performance so that they keep pace with our all new Real-time Sync that lets your lists available within the blink of an eye,” Wunderlist stated in an official blog post.

Aside from the new interface, the app comes packed with some new improvements too. The app features Public Lists, which lets you curate your favorite things to do and let anyone see it too.

Wunderlist is available for Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Android, as well as an upcoming release for Windows 8.1. Interestingly enough, Wunderlist has dropped support for Windows desktop. You will need a free Wunderlist account to use the service, and a Pro subscription is available starting from $4.99 per month.

The app is for Windows Phone 8.1 and can be downloaded for free via the download link below. Grab it and see how you like it!