Microsoft warned by China not to interfere with ongoing investigations


Microsoft warned by China not to interfere with investigations

Since the beginning of the year, China has been questioning privacy issues with some of Microsoft’s products.  Last week, the offices of Microsoft in China were raided by the government for reasons that are not obvious to the company.  Microsoft’s offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu were all paid visits by China’s Administration for Industry & Commerce and this visit was unexpected and without warning.

China suspects Microsoft for taking part in anti-monopoly acts for their dominance in the business market.  Microsoft is suspected to be breaking standards that were agreed upon in China and, until this is clarified, will continue being investigated by the Chinese government.  Microsoft was warned not to interfere with the series of investigations that are taking place.  Microsoft Deputy General Counsel Mary Snapp is also being investigated under this suspicion. 

There no word as to when this investigation will come to an end, or if their is any possible evidence to prove Microsoft’s guilt for breaking any agreements they made with China.  China previously banned Windows 8 due to privacy related issues. One thought to consider is what Microsoft would do next if they were found guilty. 

Microsoft has agreed to comply with Chinese law, as China is undergoing a technology evaluation.  This technology evaluation that is going on in China is to ensure that the USA is not spying on China and none of their information is being sold.  Microsoft has not commented on any of this, but it is believed that they are willing to go along with it.