OneNote UWP updated to version 17.7870, brings ability to save files, add diagrams, more

Arif Bacchus

OneNote UWP

If you’re currently using OneNote on your Windows 10 PC or Windows 10 Mobile device, then it’s time to head to the Windows Store and check for a fresh update. The folks at Microsoft have updated the digital note taking app, bringing in the ability to save files and images, add diagrams, and much more (Via

Overall, this latest update pushes the latest version of the OneNote UWP to version 17.7870.57621.0. For the in-depth details on what has changed, you can see the changelog below.

  • Reorder your notebooks: Sort your notebooks however you like. Simpley click and drag a notebook to reorder it in the list.
  • Password protection: Add a password to a section to keep your notes safe from prying eyes
  • Create diagrams or flow charts: Use the Shapes gallery to insert perfect cicrcles, squares, arrows, and more.
  • Save images and files: Save your favorite picture or an important file outside of OneNote. Just right-click and save it to a location you specify.
  • New page placement: Quickly add a new page below the curently selected one, rather than at the bottom of the page list.

What are your thoughts on these changes? If you’re not already using the app, you can check it out via the link below. Once you’re updated, let us know what you think by leaving us a comment!

OneNote for Windows 10
OneNote for Windows 10