OneDrive for iOS and Android to improve PDF navigation next month

Rabia Noureen

Onedrive For Ios

Microsoft is working on a new update for the OneDrive app on Android and iOS that will improve the navigation experience in PDF documents. As noted on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, this feature is currently marked as “in development,” and will begin rolling out to all mobile users in early May.

With this update, the OneDrive app will allow users to view a clickable table of contents that can be used for “easy and concise navigation” in PDFs. As you can see from the image below, users will be able to tap a title in the table of contents to navigate directly to a specific page. However, this feature will only be available for PDF documents that include a table of contents.

OneDrive iOS Outline for PDF viewing

In addition to this feature, Microsoft is also adding a night time reading mode for viewing PDFs on Android devices. This feature will let users choose between different color modes for reading PDFs such as day mode, night mode, and sepia to reduce eye strain.

The night time reading mode for OneDrive for Android will hit the Google Play Store at some point in May, and it should be a welcome addition. However, it’s not clear yet if the feature is also coming to the iOS version of OneDrive.