Official Pizza Hut India app arrives on Windows Phone


Official Pizza Hut India app arrives on Windows Phone

There are several ways to order a pizza when you want it. You could open your laptop and make the order through its Windows 8 app, or place your order via Web using its official or local website. You could also just give them a ring. And now there’s an app for Windows Phone as well. The pizzeria giant has partnered with mammoth Yum Restaurants chain to bring its service to India.

The Pizza Hut app makes it easier to order pizzas in minimal of effort. The Pizza Hut India app also notifies you about exclusive offers, which as the description claims could be for personalized to individuals. In addition, the app can also be used to track exactly where your pizza is.

Furthermore, using the app a user can save several addresses for an easy check out. And after a few orders, the app will make it easier for you to order your usual choice. Grab the app from the download link below and let us know how you like it. 

Thanks Vishal for the tip!