Microsoft launches Snipp3t, an iPhone app that lets you track celebrities

Zac Bowden


Microsoft has today released Snipp3t, a new iPhone app from the company which is designed to let you track your favorite celebrities with the help of Bing Data. The app allows you to subscribe and follow celebrities, giving you updates on all the things you’d want to know about any particular celebrity.

Snipp3t looks somewhat similar to the Microsoft Reseach social networking site, however this app is more designed for users who want to follow celebrities only. The app has a very nice user-interface, and with Facebook integration you can check whether your friends are following celebrities too!

You can download the app now via the Apple App Store for the low price of FREE. The app is only available on iPhone, and there hasn’t been any word on whether it will be coming to Windows Phone or Android. It’s also unclear why Microsoft is experimenting with celebrity data, the app hooks up to Bing, so we assume it’s another Bing Data research project.