Office Blogs to get a fresh new look tomorrow!


Office Blogs to get a fresh new look tomorrow!

There are some who would have us believe that RSS feeds are dead, citing the disappearance of the likes of Google Reader as proof. But in reality RSS is alive a kicking. It may be an old technology, but it is still going strong and shows little sign of vanishing completely. Social services such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ may be trying to take over our lives, but when it comes to the delivery of news, it is difficult to beat the good old RSS feed.

For journalist, bloggers, and those who are simply addicted to news, there is simply no replacement for RSS. This is why there are still so many sites that offer feeds — including WinBeta. Microsoft is no different, and many of the company’s sites feature blog that also have RSS feeds.

The Office Blog is just one example, and if this is a feed you have used in the past, there is a whole new design to look forward to tomorrow.

The Office team is giving nothing away at the moment, but the blog home page has a tantalizing message that reads: “The Office Blogs have a fresh, new design arriving soon. Check out the changes on January 21.”

So, be sure to check back tomorrow to see what is in store!