Charity re-uses your old Windows XP machine to help provide students with digital skills


Charity re-uses your old Windows XP machine to help provide students with digital skills

Windows XP can sure provide bliss – not for you, but for students in countries like Ethiopia, Jamaica and Uganda. Camara Education is asking for donations of old computers which will be refurbished and re-used to help provide students with digital skills. If you have an old Windows XP machine sitting around collecting dust, consider donating it to this worthy cause.

“Up to 500,000 computers are discarded each year in Ireland, half of which are suitable for reuse. Every reused computer can provide 21 disadvantaged students with the crucial 21st century skill of digital literacy. After the data is securely wiped from the hard drive, the Linux operating system is installed, which is compatible even with older computer equipment,” Camara stated in an official blog post.

Once Camara receives your donated computer, the hard drive will be erased and a Linux-based operating system will be installed, along with Open Office and access to Wikipedia. Kids will then have access to a wide range of tools and resources so they can learn a wide variety of topics through their new refurbished computers – thanks to you.

“Free educational software is installed, in addition to Open Office and Wikipedia, giving children access to a range of valuable tools and resources. Over 5 million children could benefit from an improved education and become digitally literate if attitudes towards computer reuse were to change,” Camara adds.

With Windows XP set to lose support on April 8th, now is the right time to get rid of that old Windows XP computer and help a disadvantaged child in the process. If you are interested in checking out this charity, hit the VIA link below.

Thanks James and Anon for the tip!