Nokia releases new XL ad for its Android phone


Nokia releases new XL ad for its Android phoneWhile Nokia releasing an Android device was a day many thought they’d never live to see, the company went through with it, and released multiple versions. The X has gained the lion’s share of attention, but now a new ad is pushing the higher-end XL.

A new video ad has been pushed out by the Finnish hardware maker, depicting all of the ways its device can help you through your day. Managing schedules, finding transportation, playing music, and much more.

The Nokia XL comes with a five-inch display, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 5 MP camera, a customized version of Android, dual SIM capability and much more.

The video runs just over one minute and, like most Nokia ads, is well-made and displays the features without getting wacky. You can check it out below.