Microsoft has at least six series in the pipeline for Xbox


Microsoft has at least six series in the pipeline for Xbox

The Xbox platform is about much more than just playing games — although this is obviously at the heart of owning a console. We already know that there are some big-name tie-ins coming up (Spielberg mean anything to anyone?), and future series will see the likes of Sarah Silverman and Seth Green hitting screens around the world.

A Bloomberg report explains that Microsoft’s television studio already has a total of six series lined up for broadcast, and there are going to be more in the pipeline. Some shows have been known about for some time now. Every Street United, for instance, is a soccer-based series, as well as the Steven Spielberg-produced Halo offshoot.

There should be something to suit all tastes, as there’s also a sci-fi show (aside from Halo!) called Humans, and the involvement of top comedy artists in other projects shows there’s going to be work in the area too. Shows will start rolling out in June, and tie-ins with games will act as great cross-promotional tools. A focus on original content is sure to generate a great deal of interest, and there is a lot for Xbox 360 and Xbox One owner to keep an eye out for.

Are you looking forward to the televisual output from Microsoft’s studio? Any suggestions for future shows, or are there any you things should be avoided?