No Man’s Sky releases on Xbox today, along with free NEXT update

Michael Cottuli

Remember No Man’s Sky? That game that became infamous for its massive over-promising and under-delivering? Many, myself included, always felt like the game had potential. Unfortunately, it dropped the ball when it came to offering players a meaningful context for their actions, a cohesive story, and any kind of cooperative play.

For all intents and purposes, No Man’s Sky should have been dead on arrival, but somehow the team at Hello Games was able to keep on supporting it with new free updates in the years following its release. The biggest addition to date, No Man’s Sky NEXT, is releasing today – July 24th – on all platforms. This includes Xbox One, which is getting the game for the first time today with the NEXT update coming right out of the box.

You’d need to go through literally years of changelogs to see all of the improvements made to the game since launch, but the highlights are pretty compelling. Strong base-building options have been added to the game, and the NEXT update is bringing general graphics improvements to help you give something pretty to stare at in the vacuum of space.

A true multiplayer mode is being added with this update, allowing you to play No Man’s Sky with or against other players in a way that’s actively supported by the game. Along with a greatly improved narrative experience and a third-person mode, No Man’s Sky is making a strong play to try and win back the people who dropped it back in 2016.

There’s no doubt that several gamers are going to be hesitant to get hyped about No Man’s Sky. Its underwhelming release is so infamous that, for most people, it’s the only thing that anyone remembers when they hear the game’s name spoken.  Many people have been asking for the game to just go away and accept its shallow grave, but Hello Games have been more than a little persistent in their efforts to revive it.

At the end of the day, No Man’s Sky NEXT is free, if you were playing it on PC or PS4. If you’re only an Xbox gamer, you may want to consider holding out for our upcoming impressions on the game before you drop $49.99 on it. Either way, with everything being put into these updates, it’s worth keeping an eye on the game. Who knows? They might just deliver on some of their promises after all.

No Man's Sky
No Man's Sky
Developer: Hello Games
Price: Free