Enter the Insiders2Campus contest for a chance to visit Dona and the gang

Arif Bacchus

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If you’re the ultimate Windows or Microsoft fan, you might want to check out Microsoft’s latest promotion. As part of the new Insiders2Campus contest, you can enter for a chance to win to Microsoft’s Redmond campus, and meet the Windows Insider team.

To qualify for the contest, you first need to be a Windows Insider running the latest Windows 10 preview builds. You must then have participated in one quest, and logged one piece of feedback during one of the two Redstone 5 bug bashes (June 22-July 1 or July 27-August 5.) Finally, you can then enter the contest by heading here, and submitting a short video and brief written statement about yourself, why you’re a fan of Windows, and what sets you apart in your industry.

This contest closes on August 15, so it is best to act fast. Microsoft will evaluate your evaluations based on your ability to serve as a representative of the Insider Program, your ability to communicate, and your creativity. Do you think you have what it takes to be a winner? Let us know in the comments.