No Man’s Sky Fractal Update goes live today

Robert Collins

The first major update of 2023 for No Man’s Sky releases today. What’s new in this latest update, you be asking? Find out below.

New starship and new Expedition

Fractal version 4.1 introduces an exclusive new starship: The Utopia Speeder. The new vessel will “allow travelers to skim across planet surfaces at high velocity.”

The Utopia Speeder may just come in handy when players take on the new Expedition, Utopia. In this new Expedition players can work together to “rebuild an abandoned solar system for the mysterious Utopia Foundation.” And they will do this with a new crafting mechanic exclusive to the Utopia Expedition.

No Mans Sky Fractal screenshot

New tool: Wonders Catalogue

The Wonders Catalogue is a brand-new tool to No Man’s Sky. According to the official description over on Xbox Wire,

This shows off your most incredible discoveries, from tallest mountain to strangest creature. This detailed record of your journey not only allows you to easily compare records with fellow travellers, but gives explorers new goals as they set out to find and document the universe’s most unusual sights.

Other new additions in No Man’s Sky Fractal Update Fractal Update

The Fractal Update also brings with it a reworked options menu and more accessibility features.

2022 was a big year for No Man’s Sky, which saw a number of big updates that refine the game into one of the best open world experiences to be had on Xbox Game Pass. And judging by this latest update, 2023 promises to be just as good.

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