New SwiftKey for Android update provides more options for resizing the keyboard

Jack Wilkinson

Microsoft’s keyboard app for Android, SwiftKey, has received a new update that aims to make it easier to resize the keyboard to your desired size.

Added in version, a new option has been added for resizing the keyboard. Accessible from the Toolbar > Settings > Size, it is now possible to resize the keyboard by dragging the boundary boxes to the desired size.

Within this update, Microsoft also fixed an issue with Samsung devices whereby there would be an empty floating keyboard.

Here is the full changelog:

* We are introducing a new way to resize your SwiftKey Keyboard. Simply drag the boundary boxes to resize and move your SwiftKey Keyboard just how you want it. Try it out now from your Toolbar > Settings > Size

* We’ve fixed a bug on Samsung devices that resulted in an empty floating keyboard

Have you resized your SwiftKey keyboard yet? What do you think to the new feature?

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