Multiple cybercrime offender avoids jail time in recent Nintendo and Microsoft hacking cases

Kareem Anderson

Zammis Clark, otherwise known as Slipstream or Raylee on the internet, has just avoided jail time for his involvement in the recent Nintendo and Microsoft network breaching cases.

While 24-year-old Clark has been hit with multiple counts of computer misuse offenses by a London Crown Court yesterday, March 28, 2019, extemporaneous circumstances and an emotionally stirring letter from the boys parents cushioned his sentencing and has granted him a provisional stay of execution, so to speak.

According to a report from The Verge, Clark’s mother penned a letter to Judge Alexander Milne, QC, that in conjunction with the defense’s argument that Clark’s autism would make him an unduly subject of disproportional prison violence may have help sway the judges initial decision.

“Everything I have heard and been told leads me to believe this is a young man who would suffer disproportionately if he went to prison,” 

Instead, for his involvement of uploading a web shell to remotely access Microsoft’s network, sharing that access through an IRC, and gaining access to Nintendo’s internal network through VPN’s, Clark will be sentence to 15 months imprisonment which is suspended for 18 months.

Through the application of a Serious Crime Prevention Order for five years, Clark will essentially be on probation and only subsequently imprisoned if breached during its five-year duration.

While Microsoft values Clark’s intrusion at around $2 million and Nintendo also tacking on another $1.8 million in damages, Microsoft seemed rather unwavered by the judge’s arguably light decision.

Today’s action by the Courts in the UK represents an important step. Stronger internet security not only requires strong technical capability but the willingness to acknowledge issues publicly and refer them to law enforcement. No company is immune from cyber crime. No customer data was accessed, and we’re confident in the integrity of our software and systems. We have comprehensive measures in place to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks,” says Tom Burt, CVP of customer security and trust at Microsoft

Despite Clark also being involved in the VTech branch data prior to his meddling with Microsoft and Nintendo networks, Clark will not report for prison duty for the time being.

Nintendo, wasn’t as friendly as Microsoft and its response and has yet to offer The Verge or any other outlets a comment on Clark’s outcome and the judges decision.