New report suggests Xbox 720 to be released in November of 2013


A new report suggests that Microsoft may infact release the upcoming successor to the Xbox 360, codenamed Xbox 720 or Xbox Next, as soon as November of 2013. These details were extracted from a developer contract between Activision and Bungie, who are working on a new multiplayer online game.

Activision and Bungie are currently working on a new Massive Multiplayer Online game called Destiny, which is a first person shooter tied with a science fiction theme. The contract between the two gaming companies indicate that the game Destiny will launch ahead of the holidays next year as an exclusive for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and the next generation console Xbox 720. The contract clearly indicates the term Xbox 720. No further details have leaked indicating exactly when we will see the Xbox 720, so keep your fingers crossed. Currently, the Xbox 360 holds a 47% market share of current generation console sales and has sold 236,000 consoles in the month of April. Total retail spending of the Xbox 360, which includes hardware, software, and accessories, totaled $261 million and beat out every other console.