New report claims Windows tablets and 2-in-1 devices set to significantly grow in popularity

Brad Stephenson

beneath the surface

Consulting firm, Strategy Analytics has just released a new report where they theorize tablets running Windows will hit 49 million by 2019, which would be a 120 percent increase from current 2015 levels. They use current data for sales and shipping of Windows tablets and extrapolate their predictions from these numbers stating tablets running Windows have already seen a shipping increase of 58 percent during the first nine months of 2015 compared to the same period of time last year.
One reason for the predicted increase in Windows tablet usage is the prevalence of 2-in-1 hybrid devices such as Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 which are actually replacing the traditional PC in many businesses. Peter King, Research Director for Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies service reveals just how big of an impact these devices may have on businesses, “As the enterprise market becomes increasingly open to the wide scale deployment of Tablet platforms, Microsoft has a key advantage in that its operating systems are found on the vast majority of PC and servers within the enterprise, potentially providing a smoother integration of Tablets using the Windows OS into the enterprise. Most, if not all, major vendors will have high to premium tier Windows Tablet offerings by the end of 2016 to address prosumers and enterprise currently served by Microsoft’s Surface Pro line.”
Tablet & Touchscreen Strategies service’s Senior Analyst, Eric Smith says that the devices’ diverse pricing will also play a factor. “Windows Tablet market share has dwindled in the mid-single digit range for the last few years but Windows devices now run the gamut from 2-in-1 Tablets from E-Fun in the US starting at $139 retail, to Microsoft’s Surface Book starting at $1499 retail,” he says. “Power, graphics, and functionality aside, Windows 10 provides a stable base from which the ecosystem can grow and we are entering a world where Windows Tablets take significant market share from Android Tablets on the low end and compete head-to-head with iPad in the high and premium segments.”
Do you agree with these predictions? Will Windows tablets and 2-in-1s continue to gain in popularity? Let us know what you think in the comments below.