New Microsoft Windows 8 ad shows you why the iPad sucks for college


Windows 8

In a new video advertisement, Microsoft is showcasing the Lenovo Yoga powered by Windows 8 and how it is superior against the Apple iPad, especially in a school setting. Microsoft has been releasing videos showcasing the company’s Windows 8 and Windows RT platform as superior to Apple iPad in every way possible.

In this new video, we are introduced to a female college student who is using her Lenovo Yoga Windows 8 tablet to take notes in class, while other students fail to keep up with their Apple iPad. She even gets an email from a fellow student asking for notes he couldn’t snag, sent from his iPad! We’ve embedded the video below for your viewing pleasure.

Microsoft has been pushing its Surface RT tablet, powered by Windows RT, as a serious competitor to Apple’s popular iPad in recent video advertisements. Microsoft also recently compared the Apple iPad with the Asus VivoTab RT and a Dell Windows 8 tablet. Microsoft showed off that the Windows RT tablet is thinner, weighs less, comes with Microsoft Office 2013, Windows RT’s multitasking abilities via Snap mode, and built-in Micro SD card reader on the VivoTab RT.